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Taking your holiday trip to the next level

And if you leave the Mediterranean for some days for a holidays trip as never? You will be able to visit many of the Spanish, Italian and French coastal towns. You will also be able to enjoy the sights of a boat while you remain at sea. Find out what you can do in the Mediterranean Sea.

The lovely Mediterranean destinations

Barcelona : Spain's second biggest town will mark the beginning of your Mediterranean cruise. When you leave for the night, enjoy visiting one of European capital's most welcoming cities. Explore the culture of Catalonia. Visit La Sagrada Familia that represents the town in an amazing basilica. It's very touristy, but without visiting the interior you can take photos from outside.

Rome : You will be able to enjoy a stopover in Rome after your third day at sea on your trip by ship. Rome is an old, medieval city, Italian capital, which contains several historic landmarks: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Hill of the Palatine, etc. You may also visit the Ruins, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, an ancient temple devoted to the Roman gods. You will have access to it all.

La Spezia : is located in Liguria and a famous tourist destination. Cinque Terre, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is the primary attraction. It is a collection of wild mountains, coastlines and five villages that have maintained a lovely Italian heritage in perfect harmony with the nature. Walking down from your trip, walk through the ancient city and watch its tight and colorful streets and houses.

Enjoy Palma for a day at your first stop

Palma Capital of the Balearic Islands is an optimal shopping and cultural destination, situated on the western shore of Mallorca. The ancient city has many stores and restaurants. The Royal Palace of Almudaina, the cathedral of the Seu de Palma or the Plaza Mayoral is all places of historical interest. Finally, relax on the beach or cycle ride on the seafront of Palma after you have rent a boat mallorca.