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The most popular destinations for boat rentals

It is now wintertime, and the best destination for boat travel is on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Caribbean, or in Southeast Asia, etc. Sailing yachts and sailing boats are available for these destinations.

Let's rent a boat to spend the holidays

You can rent a boat all year round. However, in winter, destinations are far away and limited. The sea is not really conducive to navigation in winter. There are still some places where the sun is present in this month of December. We have all the countries that are on the Mediterranean coast. You can choose your destination for a trip of more than ten days on the water. The boats willing to make the trip are sailing yachts or sailboats, and in some place’s catamarans. For this kind of trip, you can choose Spain and its various islands, of which Mykonos is a beautiful place for lovers. For rent a boat mykonos, it is important to make a request, and the boat is delivered with its full crew, the sailboat requires a skipper with its crew, and the Catamaran too.

Boat rental destinations

For this type of rental at sea, you have long term destinations. You have activities available on the boat. Even in a sailboat, you can watch movies on the big screen, read books, laze in the sun, get a massage from an expert and everything and nothing.

For the rental of off-shore boats, you do not need a boat license even if you are thinking of renting a barge. You have a few minutes to follow the boat initiation training. Two adults with a driving license of more than one year are responsible for signing the contract and will follow the supervision, especially the actions to be taken to pass the locks on the canals.

Mykonos is a great place to enjoy a boat trip, and each itinerary offers us the opportunity to discover the richness of the sea.


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