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All the information on boat rentals while abroad

Any well travelled person will tell you that, on land or at sea, every country has its own laws and customs waiting to catch you out and in many countries – even within the western world – a lack of knowledge can see you on the wrong side of the law. In less developed countries the penalties may be surprisingly severe for something you consider to be a simple mistake.

Varied rules and regulations

For each country a yacht or boat like boat rental sardiniaand its crew are proposing to visit, the rules and regulations will vary. Customs procedures and immigration regulations will need to be followed and these are likely to be more complicated than if you arrive in the country by plane or ferry. It is important to be aware that regulations may “kick-in” before you even enter Territorial Waters. Some countries require you to notify your intentions to the authorities by VHF before you proceed to a designated port of entry. You may need to have arranged a visa in advance and you may have to buy a permit for the boat. An inventory of the items onboard may be needed, as may a crew list. It may be necessary to present the passports and ships papers in every port you visit, just at the ports of entry and departure or only if requested. Even in countries where yacht tourism is commonplace, the rules for yachts can be difficult to establish.


There are numerous cruising forums and websites which offer information and can be used to make contact with other cruisers, to allow you to build a picture of what may be expected before your arrival. Some of these are detailed under "Related Links". As well as investigating the boating regulations, take a look at the Sardinia Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website for the latest advice on travelling to the countries concerned. This will give advice on political and cultural issues in the country, terrorism threat levels, piracy and details of the support available.


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